Bruce Arians on the Tampa offense: “We can do any damn thing we want to do”

The Tampa Bay offense has endured much scrutiny this year, and the best part of the bye week (for them) was the absence of things to scrutinize.

On Sunday, everything went well. Coach Bruce Arians wasn’t bashful to say so.

“When asked early this week about our identity, I think we just showed our identity,” Arians told reporters after Sunday’s 26-14 win over Minnesota. “We can do any damn thing we want to do.”

They surely can. Whether they do it consistently remains to be seen. Despite Sunday’s win, they had some misfires. At one point, quarterback Tom Brady had plenty of time and still missed a player who, as Arians would say it, was “wide-ass open.”

But they did enough on both sides of the ball to win, and the winning likely will continue, especially with three final games that consist of the Falcons, Lions, and Falcons.